City Council

Anacortes City Council

Anacortes has a total of seven City Council Positions and a Mayor.

There are three ward-based positions that represent specific parts of Anacortes. There are four at-large positions that represent everyone in Anacortes.

At-Large Position 6 and the ward-based Position 1, Position 2 and Position 3 are up for election in 2019. Voters within Anacortes city limits get to vote in the At-Large election and their local Ward election. Click here for the Anacortes voting wards map.

Candidates are elected to three-year terms. The successful candidate for At-Large Position 6 will complete the remainder of a term ending in 2021.

Candidates for City of Anacortes

Council At-Large, Position 6

  1. John Espinoza
  2. Carolyn Moulton

Ward 1, Council Position 1

  1. Ryan Walters
  2. John W. Schryvers

Ward 2, Council Position 2

  1. Christine Cleland-McGrath
  2. Dom Tor Fleming

Ward 3, Council Position 3

  1. Jeremy Carter
  2. James Finley