School Board

Anacortes School District No. 103

Anacortes School District has a total of five School Board Director positions. Position 3, Position 4, and Position 5 are up for election in 2019.

Anacortes School District is an “At-Large” district with no designated director districts. Each school board candidate files “At-Large” and represents the entire school district.

Every voter on Fidalgo Island and Guemes Island gets to choose one candidate for each open position.

Candidates are elected to four-year terms.

Candidates for School Board

Director Position 3

  1. Miri Levi
  2. Marilyn Hanesworth

Director Position 4

  1. Jennie Beltramini
  2. William Shaw

Director Position 5

  1. Matthew Cutter
  2. Connie Pangrazi